Hypnotherapy Services

What Hypnotherapy services do we offer? And what is Hypnosis?

We know that we all have a Conscious Mind and an Unconscious Mind. If you were looking to make a change in your attitudes, beliefs and values, it is not easy for most people to do, because they approach the change consciously. In order for a successful change to happen it needs a two-pronged approach to the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind. Hypnosis facilitates that by making the Unconscious Mind more susceptible to suggestion from the Hypnotist or even by you.

The part of your mind that runs your body is your Unconscious Mind. It is responsible for your breathing you while you sleep so you don’t even need to think about it. It makes your heart beat. It causes your nerves to send information along the neural pathways even without your Conscious awareness. The Unconscious Mind is the source of the intelligence of your body and through Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy we can tap into the power of the Unconscious Mind to change your life for the better.

Today, after years of research, we are fully confident that hypnosis is a credible, scientifically-based process for successfully creating change at the level of your Unconscious Mind.

With Hypnosis, you can tap into real power of the mind to create long lasting and positive change in your life. Heal what needs to be healed, preserve learning experiences from the past, and make new neurological connections to manifest your dreams. For these purposes, we use NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis with hundreds of people each year. If we create and build rapport with our Unconscious Minds, we will have all the resources we need to create the future of our dreams and control our own destinies.

Being able to live the life you always wanted is what hypnosis is about. Like Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy creates the change so you can be the person you have always wanted to be and more.

Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to be effective in creating change in certain repetitive behaviours including smoking and weight loss, stress reduction, panic attacks, anxiety, motivation and pain control.

Our Hypnotherapy services include but are not limited to:

    • Change Your Life at an Unconscious level for maximum performance
    • Create Powerful Motivation for Change
    • Stop Overeating
    • Achieve Weight Loss & Ideal Weight
    • Help People to Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes
    • Remove Panic Attacks & Anxiety
    • Eliminate Stress
    • Cut sugar or chocolate cravings
  • Use Hypnosis Legally and Ethically to Create Change

We are proud of our Hypnotherapy services that we offer! If you are truly ready to change your life for the better, let’s get your Unconscious Mind to work on your team!

As with all of our services, there is a financial and energetic exchange. All Hypnotherapy services must be paid in full before commencement. Any deposits that are paid are not refundable if you change your mind. This is all part of the psychology of investing in yourself.