Mums and Bubs

Special Announcement To Mothers of Berwick and Surrounding Areas

When My First Child Was Born I Basically Did An Overnight Transformation From A Healthy, Happy Individual To A Sleep Deprived, Grumpy, Frumpy Mess That Even I Didn’t Recognise In The Mirror.

I enquired at my gym about the creche situation.

They wouldn’t take my baby until she was 6 months old. I managed to visit the gym just three times in the first 6 months, juggling time around my hubby’s work schedule. By the time he got home in the evenings I was too exhausted for anything, let alone a workout.

It was from this experience that I decided there had to be a better option… Mums and Bubs Fitness Club.

I started the Club so I could offer mothers the opportunity to exercise while enjoying the company of other mums.

The Fitness Classes are run by qualified Personal Trainers who are experienced in Group Fitness and also Parenthood!!

Mums and Bubs Fitness Club is better than a normal gym because it takes mums with babies from 6 weeks old, helping you to recover from childbirth and get back into shape sooner and with better results. It also means the exercises are specifically suited for post natal women, meaning we target those troubled areas while still caring for your recovering body.

You can take the classes at your own pace and be comforted to know that everyone else in the class is just like you…… a Mum! There are no intimidating gym junkies and you won’t be leaving your precious baby with a stranger.

So I guess your next question is what do we do with the bubs?

Its simple really.

Generally babies under 6 months of age are no trouble at all. We have found that most of these babies sleep in their prams or play on the floor.

We ask that you bring something familiar for your babies to aid in their comfort.

We have rockers available for your use however feel free to bring your own and anything familiar that your baby will enjoy. Most babies tend to sleep or just need a little of our attention to help re-settle them.

While it is the mother’s ultimate responsibility to take care of their child, we are here to help baby sit so you can exercise in peace. There may be the occasional time that your baby is uncooperative but this doesnt happen often.

Babies of the next age group need a little more attention. They are on the move a little more however we are happy to keep an eye on them to ensure that other mums dont stand on them! We also have a play pen available for these babies if the mother wishes. Setting them up with toys is mums responsibility, but we give them the attention they need here and there and they tend to be really happy. Most kids of this age want to be sociable so will move around with the other kids.

We will keep an eye on them so you can keep exercising without too much distraction.

Just think of it like trying to do an exercise DVD at home with your baby around playing with toys and other babies, but much more interactive for you and far less chance to make excuses!

Two, three and four year olds are generally rowdy, but no trouble to the class. If mum brings some familiar toys, they are generally good for most of the hour.

Perhaps bring some books as most kids are happy to be read to for a while you keep exercising, keeping everyone happy. Mums could bring some food snacks and drinks for the kids which will also help to keep them entertained and satisfied too.
Motherhood is not the easiest job in the world,

but it can be very rewarding!! However its important that you stay fit and healthy. You have to keep up with a growing baby now and that takes physical training. So use the times ahead as your motivation to get back to your old self. Stay fit, stay well and stay healthy, ensuring you really enjoy your baby.

Your Mums & Bubs membership includes unlimited Mums and Bubs Fitness classes and you don’t have to worry about the additional costs of child care.

It’s fun so give it a try.

Book your spot now! Come in and give it a try! A free trial session is available to all mums.

Pregnant ladies also welcome!