Many of us suffer from poor nutrition and it is the biggest contributing factor to a person’s weight gain. Our lifestyles are getting busier with less time available to prepare healthy meals, which only further contributes to the ever increasing obesity problem.

Unfortunately there really is no easy cure. Fad diets come and go but unless it is a change that you can maintain it for life then it is not really the answer we are looking for. Many people head towards programs and systems where the food is prepared for you or you have to count every calorie you consume. Again, these are great for the short term, but they really don’t offer a life long solution to your nutritional deficiencies.

As health professionals, we understand the importance of being able to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for life. Even when we prepare our own home cooked meals, we don’t always fully nourish our bodies properly. If your body is not fully nourished, then we often find ourselves snacking to help fill the voids. This is when the main temptation to eat junk foods becomes evident.

It is just as important to cleanse the body as it is to nourish it. Many of us have heard about antioxidants and detoxing agents. But how many of these are safe and pure?


Since becoming Personal Trainers, we have been introduced to the company Sunrider. Sunrider is a company that manufactures health and wellness products. Its philosophy is based on regeneration, where the body has the ability to rebuild itself from a cellular level. Providing the body is nourished and cleansed correctly it is able to create balance. Once the body is in balance, then it is able to correct many of its issues, most of which relate to unhealthy weight levels. All of Sunrider’s products are 100% natural as they are extracts of plants and herbs. Based on Chinese herbal formulas, Sunrider products are completely safe and highly concentrated.

We use many of the Sunrider products every day. We have more energy, clearer skin and can now train for longer and harder with far less fatigue. Kim has had awesome results. In the first 6 months of using the Sunrider products, Kim has had so much more energy, much clearer skin and best of all managed to lose most of the stubborn weight she had around her tummy since giving birth to our daughter 18 months before. She has also managed to reduce the amount of weight she has carried on her hips, thighs and buttocks for most of her adult life.

We are very passionate about the Sunrider products and would have no hesitation in recommending their products to anybody that wanted to look and feel younger and improve their health. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about the Sunrider lifestyle.