Lose Weight in your Lunch Hour


Is your job causing you to put on weight? Use your lunch hour to shape up and get healthy.


Are you stuck inside for the majority of your day? Tied to the desk? Does your lunch hour (or half hour!) usually involve a fast food fix from the local takeaway shop? Follow these steps to a new body and more energy.


Walk to work

If you can’t walk all the way to work, park your car or get off the bus six blocks away. Put on your sneakers and walk the rest of the way briskly. This will stimulate your circulation, boost your metabolism and make you feel brighter. Walking back at the end of the day will help strengthen your muscles and clear your head.


Workout at work

Get up from your desk and do a good stretch every half hour. Firstly add ten squats. Then do ten upper body pushups on the edge of your desk. This will help tone your arms. March on the spot for three minutes to get the blood pumping before you sit back at the computer.


Low-Calorie snacks

Don’t even contemplate eating that large-sized chocolate donut on the office food trolley. Pack some fruit or dried apricots and nuts from home for a

mid-morning snack. Researchers say that crispy foods like apples, carrots or celery that need to be chewed and take longer to eat, fool the body into thinking you have eaten more. Prepare these the night before while dinner is cooking and you will always have them on hand.


Take a Midday Walk

Briskly walking for 20 minutes at lunchtime can burn up to 300 calories. Researchers at the University of Ulster found that exercising in three short sessions is more effective for burning fat than longer, less frequent exercising. Grab a friend and pound the pavement! Try some hills or a park for enjoyment.


Bring your own lunch

Don’t skip lunch. Fasting encourages your body to hold on to extra fat. Most nutritionists recommend frequent, light snacks that keep up your energy levels and prevent you from getting so hungry that you dive into high-fat, high-calorie foods. Diet foods are not always the best choice. “Low-fat” and “reduced fat” foods may still be high in fat.


If you make your own lunch, you can be sure you’re having healthy, fresh, low-fat food. Low-fat salads with olive oil and lemon dressing, steamed vegetables, basmati or jasmine rice salad with vegetables, cold pasta salad with vegetables or mutigrain sandwiches with chicken, turkey, egg, tuna or cottage cheese are tasty and satisfying choices. And add at least one piece of fruit.



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