How to Make Healthy Meals

You may think you are eating well, but just how healthy are your meals? Do you know how to prepare healthy meals at home? Healthy meals do not mean you have to be a master chef, or spend hours in the kitchen. In fact the healthiest meals are often very simple and quick to prepare.


Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are everywhere these days due to being a low calorie option to sweeten foods and beverages. But like everything else, if it is artificial and not the real deal, what is it doing to our bodies? Although sweeteners do make things taste sweet without the added calories (which sugar provides) they do come […]

Foods to avoid for a Happy Tummy

Do you constantly have digestive issues? If you avoid some foods, you may find your tummy will thank you!

Some people treat their bodies like a designer hand bag, others, like the plastic bags you use as a bin liner. A ‘designer bag body’ is fed a healthy diet with the right mix of nutrients, […]

Foods Affect our Mood

If you find yourself feeling tired, moody or just generally run down, it could be caused by the foods you are eating.


How do Foods Affect Our Moods?


Food is made up of chemical compounds that can directly alter the brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that control our normal function on a day-to-day basis.

When […]

Breakfast – your key to successful eating

Eating breakfast: Timing is Everything

When people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it actually has some truth in it. Modern scientific research has shown that a drop in blood sugar felt when you wake up in the morning can be controlled by early eating, ensuring the metabolism has a good […]

How do I Avoid Processed Foods?

If a food has been completely changed from the natural state that it was originally grown, then it is a Processed food. They may have been changed in order to improve their shelf life, texture, flavour or profit level. We all know we should stay away from processed food, but it becomes difficult when we […]

Benefits of Berries

The health benefits of berries have been well documented, but which variey should you eat, and for

what reason? The good news is that all berries are good for you, containing high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, but some varieties have extra therapeutic properties.


Strawberries are versatile, delicious and when they […]

Fighting Fatigue with Food

Are you always tired, drained, worn out? These are just some of the words used to describe a feeling of just being plain old ‘buggered’. No matter which way we look at it and no matter which words we use to illustrate, the simple fact of the matter is that life is moving at an […]

Nutrition during Pregnancy

Good nutrition during pregnancy. Where do I start? Do I just start eating extra? How do I know what is good and bad for me and the baby? Who can advise me on my nutrition during pregnancy?



These were all the questions I found myself asking when I first discovered I was pregnant. […]

Foods High in Iron

There are many foods high in iron, but first we need to discuss the types of iron.

There are two types of iron in food:


Haem Iron: is readily absorbed by the body. Sources of haem iron include lean meat, chicken and fish.


Non-Haem Iron: is more difficult for the body to […]