Apples Have Amazing Health Benefits

Many different cultures have found apples to benefit them in different ways. The early Greeks thought apples tasted like honey and used them to heal a huge range of ailments. In American folk medicine the apple is called “the king of fruits.” Italian, Irish and French researchers have all confirmed that eating green apples lowers blood cholesterol.


An apple or some freshly made apple juice will help ward off hunger pains while you’re counting calories. Apples clean the digestive system and boost metabolism.

Sugar control

Along with dried beans, apples are one of the best regulators of blood sugar. They are near the bottom of the glycemic index – a measure of how fast blood sugar rises after eating – and so are an excellent food for diabetics and others who need to avoid steep rises in blood sugar.


Apples are rich in antioxidants, which help the body fight off free radicals that are implicated in a number of illnesses, including cancer.


In addition to their high fibre and heart-healthy properties, apples are great teeth cleaners. Research has shown that an apple helps prevent tooth decay by stopping food from sticking to your teeth. When you can’t brush after a meal, rub a piece of apple or the back of the apple skin gently over your gums.

Apple cider vinegar

This is made from freshly fermented apples. It helps keep your kidneys and bladder in good working order to effectively eliminate waste from the body, and is a high source of potassium and other important minerals. Drinking two teaspoonfuls in water or lemon juice every day is a great liver cleanser and blood purifier.

Cleansing Lotion

Apple cider vinegar is anti-bacterial. Add 100ml distilled water to 10ml apple cider vinegar and apply to your face with a cloth especially during breakouts. Rinse with warm water.

For the skin

Try an apple and honey mask. Blend one grated apple, one teaspoon organic yoghurt, one teaspoon organic honey. Smooth it on your face and leave for 10 minutes.

Tired, sore legs

Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to a shallow bath. Move your legs up and down to stimulate circulation.

Apple Poultice

Apply grated apple or just a piece of apple to cuts and grazes to dry, protect and heal a wound. An apple is an ideal first-aid kit for campers and bushwalkers!

Did you know?
• Apples contain 60-90 per cent natural mineral water
• A medium sized apple has only 81 calories
• Viruses don’t live in the presence of apple juice
• Apple skin is high in pectin fibre, a well-known anti-cholesterol agent, and is one of the best sources of soluble fibre.
• A sour apple at bedtime will cure constipation and help you sleep



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