Ready, Set, GO!!

All through life we need to have a plan. Business plans, marketing plans, wedding plans……. the list goes on! Losing weight isn’t much different. Before you can successfully lose weight for the long term, you need to do six things. You probably won’t like the first three, but it’s critically important that you complete each of these tasks:

1. Weigh yourself and write it down

2. Measure yourself with a tape measure and write it down

3. Take a “before photo” of yourself in your bathing suit

4. Write down what weight and/or size you want to be and when

5. Write down WHY being that weight and/or size is important to you

6. Plan your rewards

If you have already begun doing Personal Training with us, most of this list would have been taken care of for you. But others are your responsibility, and can be a real key to the chance of your life long weight loss success. Let’s talk about these 6 points in greater detail.

Numbers 1 & 2:

These help you establish where you are right now. You may not choose to track both measurements throughout your weight loss journey, but when you reach your goal you may want to compare where you are then with where you came from.

On Your Mark, Get Set…

Number 3:

May be the most important step in your weight loss journey. The reason you want to lose weight is because you are dissatisfied with where you are now. Put your before photo somewhere you will see it every day. This photo will be a constant reminder of why you’re making these changes in your life. It’ll also be a wonderful reminder of how far you came once you reach your goal – you’ll want to take an “after photo” then to compare it with.

Number 4:

Is your measureable goal. It needs to be realistic and attainable or it will

only set you up for failure. Most weight loss experts recommend shooting for a half a kilo of weight loss per week for a sustainable pattern. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon to lose a kilo or two in the first week or two if you’re overweight and just getting started with diet and exercise improvements.

Number 5:

Makes your weight loss real. Let’s say you have a weight range goal that you want to be down to by the end of 12 weeks. Why is that important to you? What would dropping to that weight mean to you? What is your real reason for losing weight – is it because of a physical condition? Low self-esteem? Wedding plans? Family plans? Figure out what that is, then write down how you will feel about yourself once you reach your goal.

Number 6:

Is where you get to have some fun! Losing weight and getting fit is a worthy goal. It is still a challenge, but well worth it! That’s why you should plan now how you’re going to reward yourself when you hit your target weight or fitness goal. If you have a long way to go to reach your “real” goal, set smaller goals on the way. Maybe after you drop 5 kilos will treat yourself to a massage, buy a new suit, or get a new mountain bike. Be creative!

Now it’s time to get it done and make it real. As you reach your weight loss goals, be sure to share your success with us and family and friends!


Now… GO!





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