Having the Right Attitude

Successful people in any area of life all have one thing in common – they have a winning attitude.

Many people appear to have the right attitude for achieving nutrition goals such as weight loss, however lurking at the back of their minds is an inner resistance. This self doubt erodes the ability to bring about constructive dietary changes and leads to a lack of effort and self discipline that is necessary for nutrition success.

The inner resistance can often be heard as a little voice in the background…the one right now that’s saying “what little voice?” We need to consistently send ourselves positive messages that keep us on track and provide reassurance rather than sabotaging our thoughts with negative ones such as “this is too hard”, “nothing is working” and “I can’t be bothered”.

So why do most people have difficulty maintaining a winning attitude? It’s because…

maintaining a positive attitude towards nutrition is not easy.

Many people find maintaining a positive attitude difficult because they are unable to direct thoughts and energy into achieving nutrition goals when there are so many other areas of life to think about. In other words, many believe that we are unable to have all aspects of life working for us because we simply can’t fit everything into our busy schedules or that it’s just not possible. If this is something you relate to, I’m here to say that:

it’s absolutely possible to have everything in life working for you, including being powerful in the area of nutrition!

Eating doesn’t have to be hard.

Clearing your mind of all the nutrition hype, misconceptions, myths and fallacies is the crucial first step towards becoming someone who is powerful in the area of nutrition.

A simple technique you can start trying to achieve nutrition success along with everything else that’s going on is to focus on the end result that needs to be achieved rather than stressing about how you’ll get there. Having some basic understanding of how to achieve your nutrition goals is required however and we will help you learn these techniques during the course of your training.

Strategies that can provide powerful access to maintaining a positive attitude towards nutritionand invoking emotions of what it would be like to already have nutrition success include:

  • Visualising yourself with the body composition you desire or with an abundance of health and vitality;
  • Going shopping as if you were buying clothes you will wear once you have reached your ideal body shape
  • Finding images of people that are finishing an event that you would like to complete and place them in a scrapbook or on the fridge so you can see them regularly.

Being unable to maintain a positive attitude towards nutrition means people simply don’t finish what they start and therefore they don’t get in shape and achieve an abundance of health

and vitality. It’s all about our ability to consistently do what we need to do…our ability to change our thinking, change our attitudes, change our habits, change our reality and ultimately, change our body forever.

Based mainly on my personal experience as a fitness and nutrition consultant, the most important traits that individuals possess who maintain a positive attitude towards nutrition are:

1. Desire

This is very distinct from hope or a wish. When moving towards a goal of any nature or purpose, successful individuals begin with an intense, burning desire for something definite. Through the somewhat strange yet powerful principle of ‘mental chemistry’ and ‘thoughts’, the word impossible and the concept of failure are not accepted and cease to exist.

A strong desire is also a powerful means of calling someone into action. When the desire is great enough, all blockages are overcome and the necessary steps are taken towards achieving the intended outcome.

In other words, if you really want to do something, you will find a way and means to make it happen.

2. Faith

Faith is one of the most powerful of the positive emotions. It is a state of mind where visualising and believing combine to influence our subconscious mind.

When you have faith in something or someone, you are fully committed and have an unwavering belief that the desired outcome will occur. Take a moment now to consider what aspects of life you currently have faith in…..

Now imagine if you had this level of faith in a sound nutritional programme…I have no doubt there would be some dramatic results and you would be unstoppable in achieving your nutrition goals.

3. Maintain the same direction

Staying on board with your nutrition programme despite having periods where you’re off track.

There are many factors that will take you off track, however the biggest problem that people face is emotional eating.

We can all relate to having our comfort foods when feeling bored, frustrated or sad and there’s no doubt this food is high in fat, sugar and calories. There’s not a lot of comfort in reaching for a carrot or apple for the emotional eater!

Here is the key to success for maintaining the same direction:

It’s not the number of errors you make but how fast you get back on track.


4. Don’t delay
The sooner you start making changes to your current eating habits,
no matter how small they are, the more likely you will succeed.

Here is a Chinese proverb that say’s it all:

 “He who deliberates fully before taking a step…will spend his entire life on one leg!”



“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.”

Abraham Lincoln




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