Setting Goals

Goal setting is something I’m sure you’ve all heard of and have tried in some shape or form.


Most people consider they’re goal setting by simply thinking of something they want to achieve and leaving it at that. Starting with thoughts about what you want to achieve is essential, but is this really goal setting? Unless the thoughts are sustained and combined with taking action, I would suggest it’s merely dreaming or wishful thinking.


I’m not suggesting here that you should avoid dreaming or wishful thinking as this can be the source of truly remarkable achievements.


Goal setting is essentially a tool for clarifying what it is you desire or the specific outcome you want to achieve. Not only does this allow you to write down in detail what end result you are aiming to achieve, but it also provides a means for setting smaller manageable targets that confirm the path you’re on.


Effective goal setting needs to start with making a list. Write down what you want to achieve. What sort of health do you want? Do you want to reach a certain level

of body fat? Would you like a boost in exercise performance or improved recovery between training sessions? Do you want to be able to run 5km without stopping?




? Acting as a role model for family, friends or others;? Boosting vitality and energy;

? Improving immune function;

? Optimising exercise performance and recovery;

? Achieving healthy weight reduction or weight gain;

? Reducing the risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease, some cancers, diabetes and osteoporosis;

? Preventing oxidative stress and dehydration;

? To look younger and live longer;

? Protecting teeth and keeping gums healthy;

? Enhancing concentration and mood profile.


Once you have a list of what you want to achieve, start clarifying each goal by creating a reason for why they are important to you. Establishing a why is the main driving force that sets you in motion. Adding a time frame to each goal is also a useful strategy for calling you into action.


Now you’re ready to determine how important your nutrition goals are in relation to other life goals you have. Take a few minutes to prioritise all goals you’re working in life right now so you are aware of what your top five goals are for the next year.

Please consider this when it comes to goal setting:


If your nutrition goal(s) do not make the top five, it’s very unlikely you will achieve them.


Does nutrition make your top 5 goals in life right now? If not, you may need to reprioritise to ensure your why is big enough for keeping the possibility of nutrition success in existence.


Placing your nutrition goals where you frequently see them together with images of the end results you wish to experience is another strategy for achieving nutrition success. Use the fridge, a notice board at home or work, a scrapbook or even develop your own screensaver on a home and/or work computer/ smartphone. You can also try sharing your goals with others such as family and close friends. This is a powerful technique because of the following:


When you declare your goals, you become more accountable for achieving them.




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