3 Top Nutrition Tips

By now, exercise has become a key component of your Health and Fitness regime. But is your nutrition plan as organised as your exercise? Before you can realistically start making progress towards your nutrition goals, you must have these themes firmly in the forefront of your mind so all future eating occurs from the perspective of the following:

1. Timing of food

This refers to the frequency of eating each day and when you eat in relation to exercise. Adjusting your nutrient timing so post-exercise energy intake is the priority, can have a number of beneficial health and performance effects.

Combine these benefits with the increased ability

to control energy intake when eating the right type of foods more frequently and the following becomes apparent:

For the majority of individuals, timing is the most important factor for achieving success with your nutrition goals.

Effective food timing also helps you avoid becoming over hungry which often leads to a feeding frenzy where any type of food is devoured in large amounts.

The key to success here is to be proactive and eat before the hunger signals arrive…this is where having the right nutrition plan and being prepared is critical.

2. Type of food

Eating food with an abundance of fibre and nutrients at every meal, such as whole fruit and vegetables, helps to control energy intake and dramatically improves your health.

In situations other than post-exercise, be aware of consuming highly processed or refined food and fluids that are typically energy- and sugar-rich and low in nutrient value. After exercise, a combination of foods and/or fluids high in carbohydrate and protein is ideal for providing a rapid recovery.

3. Amount of food

This involves adjusting portion sizes according to your exercise needs and/or weight loss goals. Most people consider that consuming the appropriate amount of food is the most important aspect of nutrition. However, if you’re on track with nutrient timing and eat the right types of food with every meal, the amount of food you consume will in most cases take care of itself. What this means is that the body is remarkably good at letting you know how much to eat when you eat regular amounts of food that provide a feeling of fullness. A good example is high fibre food like fruit and vegetables.



Before you can realistically start making progress towards your nutrition goals, you must have these three aspects of nutrition at the front of your mind.

These are: timing of food, type of food and the amount of food and must be followed in this order.




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