Weight Loss Scams Revealed: Part 1

Have you ever wondered why the Weight Loss Industry is such a booming industry, yet we still see so many overweight and unhappy people in our society? Truth is, there are often more weight loss scams out there than there are real weight loss solutions. Let me point out a couple of my favourites:


Restrictive diet plans:


Here’s a tip:  Let’s face it, if you start an eating plan that you can’t sustain for life – you are destined to fail. Sure,

you may lose a few kilos initially, but if the plan is not sustainable, then you will not only regain those kilos, plus a few more for your trouble!

Cabbage soup diets, grapefruit diets, liquid diets, no-carb diets, no-fat diets, all-protein diets, soup diets, banana diets, black bean diets, Hollywood diets, marshmallow diets, they all have one thing in common—they are a fad and don’t work for long.

Why not? They are not a balanced, lifelong strategy. Over the years, we have spoken to countless desperate clients that have tried the craziest diets you can imagine. We get truly frustrated everytime we hear the same ol’ story. After all, if you’ve ever struggled with your weight, you are prepared to try anything, right?

And it’s usually at this time of vulnerability and desperation that you stumble across the next most “successful” fad diet and you truly believe this is the key to your success once and for all!


Let us fill you in on the truth: regardless of what the new diet claims, or regardless of what the paid bikini model is saying about the new diet plan, if you don’t think you can sustain the changes for life, then it is just as useless as all the other plans you have already tried!


The real solution? A sustainable healthy eating plan without the fads, gimics and restrictions. Don’t fall for the latest shake, pill or weight loss bar…….. if you don’t see yourself still eating those products in 10 years time, then don’t start in the first place!


Ab Rollers, Belts and Gadgets

Yes, we have all seen the infomercials with the buff man and the sexy bikini model demonstrating the latest Ab “toy”. And that’s exactly what they are… toys! Over the years many clients have told us that they have bought and experimented with the latest contraption, desperate to get the ripped 6 pack abs!


The only ripping that these gismos will do is to your wallet! Very few of them have any scientific backing and most are cheap imports that will actually cause more damage to your body than good.


If you have any of these contraptions, throw them away! Good chance they are in the cupboard gathering dust, having not seen the light of day since the week after you bought them!


Instead, if you want ripped 6 pack abs, make sure your food plan is conducive to reaching this goal in the first place. Then ensure you master safe sit ups or ab crunches. Besides – if your diet is not good and you have too much “padding”, it won’t matter how ripped you are if you can’t see them!




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